Jampa Monastery

The Jampa Monastery is the oldest Sakya monastery inside the Walled City of Lo-Manthang. It was built in early 14th century CE during the reign of the famous King Angon Sangpo (the second son of Ama Pal). The three storied Jampa Gonpa exemplifies Lo-Manthang’s rich architectural traditions and sacred art.

The walls of Jampa Gonpa are 5’4″ thick and are made from mud. However, the uniqueness of Jampa Gonpa is demonstrated in the 108 ancient mandalas of various sizes painted in gold and silver and encrusted with turquoise, coral and gemstones. On the ground floor, the depictions are of stories from the life of Buddha Shakyamuni and of lesser gods. On the first floor, the mandalas are of Bodhisattvas and themes from the Mahayana tradition. The second floor, which is closed to the public, contains mandalas of the most secret Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

The large image of the Future Buddha Maitraya (Jampa Chenpo) stretches over the ground and first floor, as he sits in meditation posture.