The Chode Gonpa, (Dragkar-Thegchen Ling)

The Chode Gonpa, (Dragkar-Thegchen Ling) was established during the period of the first King of Lo, King Ama Pal and the spiritual scholar Ngorchen Kunga Sangpo in the late 13th century CE. It is the main Sakya Gonpa of Lo-Manthang and is the residence of our present monks and high lamas. It is also an important center of religious activities.  After a severe earthquake in the 16th century CE caused huge damage to Chode Gonpa, all the precious objects (including the masks from the Ten-ji festival,) were moved to Choprang Monastery. During the 17th century CE, Choprang Monastery suffered from a great fire, which destroyed many of the artifacts. Those which were salvaged were returned to Chode Gonpa, which had been rebuilt inside the Walled City.