The objectives of the Association:

  1. The association is a non-profitable group and will remain as a dharma association for social betterment.
  2. The association will engage in preserving and promoting monasteries in (Lo) Mustang region and will stand to guard the values and norms of its culture.
  3. The association will carry important activities such as holding seminars, exams, training workshops, symposiums for the sake of preserving buddha’s teachings.
  4. The association will also take on the task of printing and publishing old manuscripts and translations to modern languages.
  5. The association will render her support to any organisations who work for the harmony of the society and people.
  1. The association collaborate to create conducive environment for research-oriented training on historical artifact and antiquities to all the related buddhist institutions and individual of Himalayan region.
  2. The association will organise religious programs such as propitiatory-puja, symposiums, conference, including birthdays and parinirvana anniversaries of great Buddhist Masters.
  3. The association will bring out booklets and magazines about buddhism and cultural heritages.
  4. The association will make appeal to concern individuals and offices within and outside Nepal for legitimate rights and benefits of the monasteries, stupas and other shrines of religious importance.